The Bullpen

Over the last few years the Dbacks have been
killed by late game pitching.  Whether it be Brandon
Lyon or even Byung Hyun Kim.  Although its a new year,
it seems just like the same old story.  Just three days
ago Dan Haren went 7 innings with just 1 earned run.
 Bob Melvin then turned the game over to big Jon Rauch.
 This turned out to be a big mistake. Rauch went .2
innings and let up 2 earned runs.  Yes, the offense was
nothing to get excited about but 2 earned runs in just .2
innings is absolutely embarrassing.  One ray of
light in the Diamondbacks bullpen has been hard throwing Tony
Pena.  So far this year he’s thrown 2.1 innings and
allowed no earned runs on just 1 hit.
 Overall, the Dbacks are going to have to get some
serious help in the bullpen if they ever want to
take a run at the NL West Title again.